I believe in inspiring change in people, enabling them to escape the problem and enter into the solution. By using a spiritual and behavioral approach to transformation, you become responsible for your life; in essence, you become the cause and not the effect. Together we develop specific goals and create attainable steps towards those goals.


My goal is to inspire change in your life, whether it is the relationship you have with yourself or someone else, such as a child, parent, or spouse. I focus on building your strengths not just analyzing problems. Together we will explore solutions that are practical and effective. I have a warm, engaging and collaborative style of working.


As the family develops and needs and expectations change, building healthier bonds, mutual appreciation, proactive family functioning and healthy communication are the goals of family therapy.

Identify conflicts and anxieties and develop strategies to resolve them. Learn how to handle conflicts and changes within the family as you discover how to focus less on others and focus more on the family as a whole. Learn how to practice active listening skills and strengthen all family members so you can gain awareness and work on your problems together.


Are you feeling misunderstood and disconnected? Discovering ways in which to better communicate is the first step to reinventing your relationship.

Join me in interactive conversations on how to give and receive the LOVE you want.  Learn to identify effective patterns of behavior and attitude, as you improve communication, create solutions and enhance your marriage. I will help you understand the differences between the male and the female brain as you discover what you really need from your partner.


Emotional eating is characterized by repeatedly eating in response to thoughts and feelings rather than in response to hunger to gain physical nourishment. It can be a difficult challenge when you are trying to lose or maintain your weight.

  • Understand the causes of emotional eating
  • Identify feelings or situations that trigger your emotional eating
  • Increase awareness regarding separating food from feelings
  • Build your strengths to overcome negative thoughts
  • Develop a healthier relationship with food
  • Identify how you express yourself through your body language
  • Develop self-acceptance and self-nurturing skills
  • Develop a healthier body-image
  • Learn strategies to resolve body image issues
  • Find ways to cope that don’t involve food

The one-on-one program includes weekly individual counseling, movement therapy, and support via e-mail. The group program includes weekly group counseling, group movement therapy, and individual support via e-mail (a minimum of four participants is required)


Increased pressures in life sometimes lead you to unhealthy ways of managing stress. Learn how to effectively cope with stress and gain control in your life. Identify patterns of ineffective reactive behaviors and set goals towards bringing insight, balance and emotional health into your life.


Dance can be a wonderful modality of expression towards healing and insight… How we hold our bodies, how tense we are, or how flexible we are helps us manage our emotions just like breathing does. When we observe how we stand, sit, gesture, or move, we are watching our emotional present as well as our past. When we look at our body with awareness we can begin to see our story and begin to get in touch with our body’s version of our being.